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November 2021


The Spur Accepted!


Party favors done.


Pedicure ready for my Puerto Rico vacation!


Drawing Together


Piecing Ottoman Rings


More piecing...

First Watch
American brunch


Last warm night of the year. Good for a firepit.


Tacking shape...


Looking for other routes


Let's start a new project.


Roses are too red.


Ready for quilting!


Sketching quilting designs


Finished quilting and added some antlers.


What a Wonderful World finished.


Vacation in Puerto Rico has officially started.


Happy Anniversary Sis!


Is this even real?


November Quilt Goals

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Simple Lines

Very excited about this exhibit. I joined the DC MD WV Studio Art Quilters chapter a year ago. They are having an exhibit starting January 14 called Simple Lines at the McLean Textile Gallery in McLean, VA. The theme of the exhibit is to represent something about our region in simple lines. I have never done anything so simple and minimal but wanted to stick to the theme. It represents the 270 Spur. It is the part of 270 that splits to take 495 towards Maryland or towards Virginia and DC. I thought more people knew the name bt everyone I ask, no one knows. I added lights to it so that is exciting. The lights look like cars flying by.

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Party Favors

Last month during my trip, I made most of the party favors for my sister's anniversary party. Today I finished them. Look at that pile of scraps. My mom will frame them. This is not going to be a very productive month. There is a lot of traveling and family engagements coming up. Next month will be the same. I'm not going to stress out about it too much and next year will be a new start where I plan to take my art career more seriously.

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Draw Together

I found the Draw Together podcast and I think it is a pretty neat idea. I think it is made primarily for kids but anyone can enjoy it. She basically gives you a prompt or an idea and you draw together for about 7 minutes. Then people can share what they made in Instagram or Facebook. It's good to get the creative juices flowing and doesn't take long.

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New design?

I got tired of piecing ottoman rings. I am pretty proud that I got all the "+" aligned correctly in the background print and the curved piecing is not bad. But I got the itch to change the design and make it my own. That always happens to me with patterns. I can't follow them because I know what it's going to look like if I follow the pattern, what would it look like if I do this instead? So after doing a few rings I started thinking how I can change the pattern. Not sure if I love this version. Going to let it sit on the design wall and think about it.

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What a wonderful world


Since my main project is percolating, why not start something new? Where is the harm in another UFO? There is a quilt shop in the area Three Little Birds Sewing Co. that is doing a little quilt show. The theme is Thankful. For some reason I got the song "What a wonderful world" in my head. Last month in Paducah, I bought some hand dyed fabrics in blue that were very close in value. All my quilts have a lot of contrast. I have been thinking about making some stars on a blue sky with these fabrics. The blocks will be almost invisible because there is no contrast but that could be a cool effect. Looking thru my photos of the trip I saw one with a deer that would make a great paper piecing pattern and the quilt would have a wintery look. I may add "red roses too".

dear I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world
PP dear I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed days, the dark sacred nights
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

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Party favors

A surprise anniversary party

My Mom and I have been keeping a secret for months. We planned a 25th wedding anniversary party for my sister and my brother in law. There were a few times that we almost slipped but telling her that my cousin was getting married was the best excuse. The party was a blast. Got to see my family all at once so didn't have to go house by house to see everyone. I made small landscape quilts as party favors. Everyone seemed to like them. I even gave a speech and got thru it without crying! Success!

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